Al Ain Endurance Cup

Sultan Bin Zayed attended the final day

Al Ain Endurance Cup

Hazza & Khaled Bin Sultan awarded the winners

HH Shk. Sultan Bin Zayed AL Nahyan the Representative of the UAE President – Chairman of the Emirates Heritage Club has witnessed the Final Day of Al Ain Endurance Cup in Boudhieb Endurance Cup that carried out for two days in Boudhieb International Endurance Village.

The ride was organized by the village through its new season 2017 – 2018 in cooperation with the UAE Equestrian Federation and under the patronage of HH Shk. HH Shk. Sultan Bin Zayed AL Nahyan.

In the final day HH. Shk. Sultan has attended along with HH.  Shk. Dr. Hazza Bin Sultan Bin Zayed AL Nahyan and HH. Shk. Dr. Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Zayed AL Nahyan . The event was attended by Major General  Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Risi Chairman of the UAE Equestrian Federation , HE Senan Ahmed Al Muhairi the Executive Director for Activities & Events in EHC ,  HE. Abdullah Mohamed Jaber Al Muhairbi the Executive Director for Supporting Services in the club ,  HE. Ali Abdullah Al Rumaithi the Exective Director for Studies & Research , HE. Mansoor Saeed Amhi AL Mansoori the Deputy Manager of Zayed Bin Sultan Centre and HE Ahmed Adel Abdul Razek  The Equestrian Advisor for HH Shk. Sultan Bn Zayed Al Nahyan ,  Also big number of officials and representatives of the Equestrian clubs who participated in the ride.

Tour in the Village

HH. Shk. Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan  is keen to support  and encourage  the participants riders and  to know about their suggestions and opinions in the rides during the morning tour in Boudhieb Endurance Village , in HH. Tour  he has met the technical and administrative committees chairmen and has destined to their committing of applying Boudhieb Protocol.

The tour included the veterinarian inspection area , Control Room (Electronic Control) for horses and riders in the rides.

HH. Shk. Sultan has made a tour in the ride loops to watch his sons the riders in the qualifying rides whom having big hopes to be in the higher levels internationally , and obtain the awards . These riders who will deserve the honorable history of Equestrian in UAE .

In addition to this, H.H. Shk. Sultan has met several riders of women and men and has discussed the ride stages and the services provided in the ride and knew their opinion of the other technical and admin services in Boudhieb village. Also, HH. Shk. Sultan has met the young Riders of Boudhieb Equestrian Academy in the ride and has gave his instructions to provide all support for them to raise their talent levels.

Awards Giving Ceremony :

At the end of the ride HH.  Shk. Dr. Hazza Bin Sultan Bin Zayed AL Nahyan and HH. Shk. Dr. Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Zayed AL Nahyan have had given the winners of the ride the Awards.

In the 1st place according to BD Protocol  The rider Noof Daid M Al Taboor  riding the horse Tamarat Desert Moon from Dibawi Stables .

In the 2nd place. The rider Abdullah Mahmoud Al Ameri riding the horse SM Lord Look  from Jumairah Stables .

 In the 3rd Place Sultan Abdullah riding the horse Shadi Al Dil from Barari Stables.

As for the 1 star ride (80 km *) in the 1st place the rider Parito Jwakeen with the horse creator from Al Kamda Stables and  in the 2nd place the rider Abdullah Youssef Hassan with the horse HM Lubina fron Al Maghaweer Stables , and in the 3rd place the rider Swey Singh with the horse Venus  from Al MAghaweer Stables .

On the same hand, 15 riders were able to be qualified for the next ride.

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