Sultan Bin Zayed witnesses the Final Day of The President Cup for Endurance & Challenge

Hazza & Khaled Bin Sultan honored the winners


“Al Muhairi” 1st in J & YR rides

“Parito” 1st in the P.Owners. Ride 

Al Hajery:  BDEV succeeded.

Varsities to enhance the UAE Equestrian


HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of the  President and chairman of Emirates Heritage Club, on Friday,  has witnessed the third and final day of The President Cup for Endurance that was organized by the club’s for three-day in BDEV.  In cooperation with UAE Equestrian Federation  and under the guidance and care of His Highness.

Sheikh Dr. Hazza bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended the event. The event was also attended by HE Dr. Ghanim Al Hajri, Secretary General of the UAE Equestrian Federation, and HE Senan Ahmed Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Activities and Events at the Club. His Excellency Abdullah Mohammed Jaber Al Muhairbi, Executive Director of Support Services at the Club, HE Mansour Saeed Amahi Al Mansouri, Deputy Director General of Sultan Bin Zayed Center,  number of club officials, representatives of stables and clubs participating in the race. As well as a large number of tourists who expressed their admiration for the natural trails of the race in addition to the heritage activities presented by the village heritage miniaturization that shows part of the heritage of the original Emirates. 


Tour in BDEV

HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Sheikh Dr. Hazza bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Dr. Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, have had a tour in the facilities of the Boudhieb International Endurance Village where they had met the chiefs of the Technical and Administrative Committees, and assured them of the commitment to the implementation of the Boudhieb Protocol for endurance. His Highness also accompanied with both of their  Highness (his sons) a part of today’s races and followed the educational primary ride tracks for the students of the 40 km where Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan took part. The aim of this training is to teach participants how to go into endurance and challenge rides with the rules of the Boudhieb protocol, to learn how to deal with natural tracks and to gain more experience in dealing with race horses and ways to preserve them.

His Highness, accompanied by both of Their Highness (the sons), took a tour of the race tracks to check on his sons who participated in the races. His Highness wished them great hopes in equipping the UAE with new blood and promising energies by qualifying them to reach international standards. Riding. His Highness met in the fields of the race with a number of good riders (male & Female) and briefed them on the progress of their participation and know their opinions on the services provided to them by the technical staff and administrative in BDEV.


Honoring the Winners

Sheikh Dr. Hazza bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed and Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, honored the students young riders in Boudhieb Equestrian Academy who took part in the educational primary tour race in the morning. The winners were honored by Their Highness, where they won the Cup of this ride.  As for the international “two-star” race for Juniors & Young Riders for a distance of 120.7 kilometers according to the terms of the Boudhieb Protocol of the horse of Farid Said Salem Al-Muhairi on horseback “Jawel Kira” The second rider Hamdan Ahmed Al Marri on horseback “Switbaya” Stables Wadi Safa Jumeirah, and  Ahmed Hassan Hammadi on horseback “HPP Charisma” from Wrsan Stables  came in the third place, 50 riders participated.


The winners of the same ride were honored according to the International Equestrian Federation rules. Mohammed Ahmed Al Kutbi of Al-Barari Stables won the first place, while Shama Abdul Aziz Al-Tawash from Al-Bawadi Stables in the second place and Hamdan Ahmed Al Merri from Jumaira Stables in the third place.


Their Highness have had honored the winners of the 100.51 km Private Owners ride, in which about 40 riders participated.  Jokin Parito with the horse ( Bareket Bent Areti) from Al Kamda Stables to the first place. Jonathan Lopez, riding (Rianna Arana) from Al Kamda stables to the second place, and Sharza Ahmed Al-Hajjaj riding horse from” Abslut ” stables came in third place.

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