Closure racing Boveb qualifying events for the best case of horses

Concluded this afternoon “Friday” racing Boveb qualifying events for the best case of horses, and the ability and endurance, organized by the Emirates Heritage Club in cooperation and coordination with Aathad Emirates Equestrian arena and trails Boveb global village of the capacity of the club’s city seal, for two days under the slogan “The Art of Riding”, with the participation 159 knight and a knight, in the presence of HE Abdullah Fadel Mehairbi Director General of the representative of His Highness the Head of State, HE Sinan Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the activities and events at the club, and HE Abdullah Mohammed Jaber Al Mehairbi Executive Director of support Services, and HE Mansoor Saeed agnosic Mansouri, first Deputy Director General of the Center Sultan bin Zayed for culture and media, and a large number of owners and breeders and owners of public and private stables and equestrian clubs in the state, and included the closing program of the competitions of international qualifying race for a distance of 80 kilometers (one star) within three stages with the participation of 40 horsemen and jockey of all public and private stables and equestrian clubs in the state, under the supervision of a jury specialist, headed by Saudi Arabia’s international referee Abdullah Sulaiman Al-Mutairi, who described the race today and yesterday from Altohillat to “quality” at the volume level of participation, so that did not respond to us or to the rest of the committees negative feedback, such as horse injuries for example, confirms captured the interest of the knights and the knights to abide by the terms Boveb protocol in terms of speed and others, contributed to the preservation of health and safety of horses. Mutairi also praised the efforts of technical staff in Boveb, facilities and support provided by the Heritage Club Emirates for the success of this event Altarth athletic youth, from his part, HE Brigadier General pilot Mohammed dangerous, Defense Attache at the Pakistani embassy in the UAE, who attended the event representing the happiness of Pakistan’s ambassador to the State thanks and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of His Highness the President and Prime heritage Emirates Club, for his kind invitation for the event activities and his personal interest in organizing such races world-class, stressing that today’s race and arrangements unique to the preparation, organization and work of the committees level and in particular the Commission Veterinary and its focus on both small and large events Almsahbh, and the enthusiasm of the knights and the knights towards the commitment to implement full Boveb protocol to maintain the integrity of horse items.

Crowning winners: Dabawi reap Boveb protocol Awards

Following the conclusion of the qualifying race rounds for a distance of 80 kilometers, HE Sinan Al Muhairi and HE Abdullah Mohammed Jaber Al Mehairbi crowned winners of the three first places shields incentive by Boveb Protocol, which wrested first place Faris Obaid Saeed Al Hajri, from the stables Dabawi horseback Cameron, finished second jockey Fatima Jassim Al Marri, from the stables Dabawi horseback Vega de Kibont, and won third place Faris Ali Al Muhairi from the stables Dabawi, horseback rum Beilun, it has also been Ttawaijhm shields incentive for access to the first three positions in accordance with the international laws of the Union. And characterized atmosphere of the races that have taken place in the humid climate refreshing strongly competition and diversity of plans and persistent attempts to reach a record time the finish line, helped by the natural pathways, as well as good preparation and organization, and extract the results of participants electronically and technical equipment, with respect to checks Veterinary Committee of the horses during the race rounds, posing in the end the case sports an integrated heritage worthy of the importance of the event for the Knights and the Knights seekers to qualify and progress towards the big competitions and championships.

Fatma Al Marri happy honors

Confirmed the jockey Fatima Jassim Al Marri, that access to the second place in the World Qualifying enhances the experience with horse riding sport, he said Fawzi was beautiful and wonderful, especially that coming from Boveb village that I am proud of my participation in all allocated Spaqatha to support equestrian ladies, expressed at the conclusion of her statement about her happiness and appreciation for those in charge of the event.

Al Muhairi: immersive joy

Following the issue Stables Dabawi map and winning the race, he said Ali Al Muhairi Knight and coach stabled: look great interest because the village Boveb Riding for its role in stimulating the knights and provide whatever they need for the success of their experience in the sport of riding ability, also praised the terms of Boveb Protocol, which the face of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, where as raising the performance and maintain the safety of the horse and the health standard. Expressing his joy incentive shields obtained by the stable, what makes us begin preparations now for the next tournaments Boveb.

Organizing Committee: ceremonial successful efforts of the participants / special cadre

Higher Organizing Committee, stressed the success of the ceremonial unprecedented success, the volume level of participation and the strength of competition, the number of stables equestrian participating clubs, and Mass attendance, and a commitment to the terms and conditions and the laws of sport riding ability, which in turn emphasizes the depth of the relationship that combines the Knights and the Knights village Boveb, location optimized to achieve dreams and win, because of its of relevant international standards and the interest of art and media facilities, The Committee concluded its statement praising senior owners and horse breeders and owners of public and private stables efforts of those who have paid the strongest horses and riders for the success of the event, which came out in line with the directives of his Highness the President of the club’s efforts to upgrading sport ability, locally, regionally and internationally, also praised the efforts of the volunteer spirit of the UAE team under the supervision of Sabha Abdullah Al Rumaithi in recording events, and their outreach activities towards the race.

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