Implementation of the directives of Sultan bin Zayed .. Emirates Heritage Club launches Thursday

Called Emirates Heritage Club in the fields Boveb global village of the ability of the city seal on “Thursday” 5 this morning, the activities of the international qualifying race for a distance of 80 kilometers (one star), in cooperation and coordination with the Emirates Equestrian Federation, implementation of the directives of HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the owner President’s prime heritage Emirates Club, with the participation of a large number of Knights and the Knights, from various public and private stables and equestrian clubs in the state, under the national project launched by “Boveb” 2004 umbrella, which aims to encourage riders and jockeys Emirates to enter the world of equestrian sport , receiving instructions and drills and learn about the laws of sport riding ability and endurance, to be Knights of the future. This constitutes the race, which lasts for two days, within a festivity three races of the ability, under the new ability season for the club 2016 – 2017, a sporting event heritage a youth cast all welcome and the attention of the top owners and breeders and owners of stables and equestrian clubs in the country, so as to devote and apply the terms of ( Boveb Protocol) especially with respect to the adoption of natural pathways for each official and local races, and determine the maximum speed for the horses to 0.20 kilometers per hour, and the adoption of 56 heartbeats per minute, max examination veterinarian for the horses, and the adoption of 50 minutes as a time horse a break among the most stages of the 31 km. Race program kicks off the first day at eight in the morning, the race local qualifying for a distance of 40 kilometers within two stages, the race local qualifying for a distance of 80 kilometers, and dedicated to horses from the age of 6 years and above in three stages, while witnessing today Althata -aljmah, springboard competitions international qualifying race for a distance of 80 kilometers (one star) within 3 stages, and then honored the winners of the first three centers shields incentive by Boveb Protocol and the laws of the international Equestrian Federation, as this race entry gate stables and horses to the field of international racing, where everyone is keen to pay the strongest horses and riders, to achieve high position in this annual traditional event awaited by fans of the sport with great emotion under the ethics adopted by the knights Boveb since its founding in 2004, the slogan. Senior preparation confirms the positive information received from the atmosphere of the recording, and was nominated by the size of the participation of an unprecedented, along with the early preparations for the achievement of the organization and preparation qualitative success of the event, there are actively pursued by all the success of the event, including the participation of Emirates volunteer under the supervision and management of Sabha Abdul team spirit God Rumaithi in the provision of media activity and wide activities and events. Club management: the safety of the horses first occasion of this celebration is the second in the new ability season program, the club welcomed all the participants, especially the emerging and amateur school students, saying that “Boveb” is their chance and their project towards workmanship and good performance towards professionalism, and stardom in the sport ancient, it noted that Altohillat official races and starting this season, focused on the exclusion of long-distance, and in implementation of the directives of HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of His Highness the Head of State President of the Emirates heritage Club, to keep the horse safety and good order, and to avoid being infected by any may damage incurred as a result of stress at cutting long-distance, and this confirms the foresight of his Highness that horse racing is an important and sustainable wealth, we must work to preserve and protect it, concluding that all means of support available to all, in line with the leadership “Boveb” embrace races and championships big festivals devoted to sport the ability, and the level of sport riding ability, which confirmed that it has pioneered Emirates where, what earned her international prestige.

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