Officials laud the ideas and the vision of His Highness the patron of the event

Under the slogan “The Art of Riding” kicked off today, “Thursday” morning in Boveb global village of the ability of the city seal, events racing Boveb qualifying for the best case of horses, and the ability and endurance, organized by the Emirates Heritage Club in cooperation and coordination with the Emirates Equestrian Federation, for two days, under the guidance and patronage of HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of His Highness the Head of State President of the Emirates Heritage Club. This celebration, which includes three races are held one over two consecutive days a boost, and wide participation by senior owners and breeders, and owners of public stables and equestrian clubs in the state. ICH events today which was attended by 119 horsemen and jockey at the local qualifying race for a distance of 40 kilometers, the local qualifying and the race for a distance of 80 kilometers. In these races come to add to the ability of the new season 2016 – 2017 balance, the national project for the club to attract and qualify more riders and jockeys from the UAE and emerging youth and amateur and school students, to be the knights of tomorrow. Attended the day’s activities, Sheikh Tahnoun bin Khalifa bin Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan, HE Sinan Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the activities and events, and His Excellency Ali Abdullah Al Rumaithi, Executive Director for Studies and Media, HE Abdullah Mohammed Al Mehairbi Executive Director of Support Services and Ahmed Abdel Razek HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed adviser Al Nahyan equestrian affairs, also attended Dederi Hyde, a member of the Higher Organizing Committee for the races today, and a large audience.

Omani tribute

During the follow-up of the day’s activities, the price of HE Minister Plenipotentiary Abdullah bin Hamad Al Ma’awali, Acting Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman to the UAE, HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of His Highness the Head of State Chairman of Emirates Heritage Club’s efforts, the quality is designed to attract young people to the sport riding ability, and attention to the Arab horses afternoon, also praised the efforts of his folk heritage service and work on documented and transferred to the new generations, the definition of the peoples of the world this heritage, which is a source of pride and pride of everyone, said Ma’awali: the organization of such races in Rehab Boveb which has become a global platform for equestrian, comes in the framework of an integrated system, greatly facilitated the participants to enter the competition this traditional youth sports event with all the great Shobh pleased.

Abdel Razek: The Art of Horse / special cadre ride

Ahmed Abdel Razek HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Advisor to the equestrian Affairs confirmed that the march of riding ability in Boveb consecutive races at an accelerated pace and the thought and the view forward-looking, consistent with his vision in maintaining the integrity of horse racing, stressing that the thought of his enlightened played an important role in to become “Boveb” global destination exceeded place, where it became stakeholders in the world waiting for what will come of them, especially what has been established by the terms of the laws and directives led by his Highness by launching the protocol Boveb, some good deal knight with the horse, and the preservation of integrity during the races, the aesthetics of the use of natural pathways, explaining that the protocol is the beginning, and will be followed by more items and proposals that are in the box (the art of horseback riding) and how the jockey riding a horse? Then bring him back in the race after the conclusion of a full health and fitness, and how Akmon Knight vital part of his horse, in the framework of thought and his vision, which has become the focus of attention and respect of the world.

Qualifying 80 with the participation of 109 horsemen and jockey

Scurry local qualifying race for a distance of 80 kilometers, in Althanh am, and dedicated to horses from the age of 5 years and above, within the three phases, the first for a distance of 30 km, and the second for a distance of 30 km, and the third for a distance of 20 km, he participated in competitors 109 horsemen and Knight, of different ages , and though the morning fog that prevailed atmosphere of the opening, but the start of recorded strong presence of the participants, about the desire to qualify, professionalism, and conclude the race successfully, “Boveb” in the rehabilitation of more than 80 a knight and a knight, in the framework of Boveb Protocol, the side focus on the heart a maximum of 60 beats in 10 minutes, and the rest Oukfti duration of each pause of 40 minutes, with a focus on the maximum speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

Qualifying 40 with the participation of 110 horsemen and jockey

Scurry local qualifying race for a distance of 40 km at ten o’clock in the morning, with the participation of 110 horsemen and jockey, within two phases, the first for a distance of 24 km, and the second for a distance of 16 km, has been marked by the race-sized post is unprecedented, and follow-up focused by the Knights and the Knights, to implement Boveb protocol items in terms of commitment as quickly as planned and diligence in maintaining the safety of the horses, which enabled them to pass two phases with high accuracy, and achieve the required qualification towards new distances.

Stables Dabawi dream and professionalism

Stables Dabawi participated races today and tomorrow with 12 horsemen and jockey, distributed by coach Ali Al Muhairi as follows: 4 in the qualifying 80, and 5 in the qualifying 40, and 3 in the international qualifying for a distance of 80 km (one star), he said: We have paid the best jockeys and horses in this celebration that we hold dear, and our ambition towards the rehabilitation of all the participants towards professionalism from “Boveb” we learn the correct rules and contemporary trends for the sport of riding capability.

Post Women quality

Races have succeeded today in attracting more than 30 Knight UAE, to promote and enhance the sport of women’s power, it has praised the Jockey wings of the names, to participate in the rehabilitation of 80 stables Dabawi, horseback El Dorado, the facilities it received from the technical staff in Boveb, saying it is the platform and destination idealism Knights and the Knights to achieve their ambitions in the sport of riding ability, towards a global professionalism. On the other hand it confirmed the jockey Jahan top, from the stables Zaabi 2, participate in competitions of 40 km, on a horseback

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