The inauguration of the 12th Sultan Bin Zayed International Festival for Riding Capacity and Endurance


Under the patronage of HH Sultan Bin Zayed

The inauguration of the 12th Sultan Bin Zayed International Festival for Riding Capacity and Endurance

The conclusion of the international conference on the Boudhieb Protocol is the first in the festival

The 12th edition of the HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan International Festival for Riding Capacity and Durability started on Wednesday morning under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Representative of His Highness the President of the UAE and chairman of the Emirates Heritage Club. For Four days, in cooperation with the Emirates Equestrian Federation, with the participation of a large number of international riders, and a distinguished international presence of equestrian.

 The first event was the 2nd International Conference on Endurance, and the theme of “The Boudheib Protocol: Adding and Changing the Current Riding Theory and changes”, which was attended by a number of international and veterinary experts and referees and attended by a large number of equestrian, gymnasts, Emirates Heritage and Sultan Bin Zayed Center.

His Excellency Sinan Ahmed Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Activities and Events at the Club, gave an opening speech at the conference welcoming the participants and the audience in the BDEV for the ability to adopt the practice of horseback riding in order to preserve the health and safety of horses and build the future knights On the basis of correct, and said that the Boudhieb protocol to ride capacity and endurance is today a new culture in the sport of riding capacity and endurance, and his good effects are continuing steadily, and praised HE Sinan Muhairi to the elite of the participants in the conference, which is hoped to grant For more ideas to spread and expand the protocol Boveb base, to reach the best care and safety of horses standards and eliminate negative practices.

Speaking at the beginning of the conference, Dr. Ghanim Mohammed Al Hajeri, Secretary General of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation, spoke about the importance of the conference and other conferences that promote riding and riding capacity and endurance. He praised the efforts of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan in supporting and sponsoring riding and endurance races. The UAE Equestrian Federation (EFA) supports such conferences, which bring together experts, specialists and stakeholders, and allows them to discuss all the interests of this sport. He pointed out that the Federation is preparing to hold a conference in April next year.

As for BP Dr. Al Hajeri said : “ It has a great aims for the rider and the horse ,  We in the UAE are the safest people to ride horses safely, and most people are committed to the rules of riding and endurance because we are a culture that promotes horse safety,” he said. He stressed the need to conduct in-depth studies on this sport and about the safety of the horses involved in it and details of the injuries that occur in the races, pointing out that the UAE Equestrian Federation is conducting such studies and will be published in the future.

One of which, after analyzing the numbers from all the UAE’s power races in a scientific way, proved that the greatest proportion of problems occur in lower-level groups and not among the elite cavalry and horses at the forefront of sport.

The conference was followed by a workshop entitled “Doping – Awareness in the Use of Veterinary Medicines”, in which a number of those who represented the owners of horses, knights and trainers participated. The conference was organized by international referee Mohamed Ali Hadhrami. The conference included two axes: veterinary and legal, in which a number of international experts and specialists participated. A number of FEI specialists participated in the workshop, along with a number of representatives of the horses, riders and trainers.

The conference was attended by French veterinarian John Lowe, Jordan’s international veterinarian Dr. Anas Hassan, French international referee Christian Lozano and Mohamed El-Zayyoud, head of the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation.

 Christian Louzano has reviewed the rules governing the riding capacity and endurance and separation, indicating the high interest in horses and safety, where the discussions took place between him and a number of attendees in this regard. “There are professional stables all over the world, but they are not like those in the UAE in terms of their interest in horses,” he said.

Stressing that the technology used in the country is the best in the field of racing and endurance, and the UAE is very important for horse racing and the best in terms of health and safety and welfare of horses.

John Lowe talked about the natural tracks and their comparative advantages. Dr. Anas Hassan addressed the polarization of the BDEA for the Knights from all over the country in accordance with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Sultan, which resulted in the graduation of a large number of riders who have won international awards in the field, as a result of the high qualification they received in BDEV. He said that they advanced in this, and included in addition to the education of the knight teaching the owners and trainers to ensure the safety of horses, and showed the results of education in the care that has become a horse of all who are related to them.

Mr. Mohamed El-Zayyoud said that the Boudheib Protocol achieved its objectives and that they would consider the development and reconsideration of speed, and may try next season races without speed limit. The Zayyoud also talked about the possibility of classification of horses to groups by level for greater equivalence .

Recommendations of the Conference

At the end of both the conference and the workshop, participants recommended a review of the speed limit of 20 km to comply with the speeds and regulations adopted by the FEI, especially that the Protocol has achieved its goals for the welfare, health and safety of horses, and the disappearance of eloquent injuries, Accreditation.

They also recommended the adoption of an annual award at the end of the season of capacity in the state for the best results achieved by the knights, coaches and stables, within specific criteria to be published at the beginning of each season and give the event adequate media coverage. They also recommended a classification of horses in which horses were divided into categories according to their competence and abilities so that each category included horses at the same level.

The participants in the workshop recommended that the penalties for doping and forbidden drugs should be increased and that the objectivity of determining the liability in each case be changed to horses who violate the standards of the knight, trainer, stable and veterinarian. The prizes were reviewed and the workshops, Domestic and international law of equestrian and sports riding capacity and endurance in general, and doping and drugs, both prohibited and prohibited and control in particular.

These recommendations and outputs will be presented to the Capacity and Endurance Conference organized by the UAE Equestrian Federation in April.

Events of the festival

The festival attracts a large number of horsemen from various nationalities, including international cavalry. The festival features 243.15 km of its main race, 1.5 million dirhams and five luxury cars. The festival is unique to other equestrian events, organizing a 243.15 km race over three days, which in itself is unique and challenging for horses capable of carrying horses. In addition, the festival runs full natural trails of hills, forests and trees, in line with the Boudhieb Protocol for riding the ability and endurance, which aims to return to the sport and to preserve the health of horse and horse and competition, and to strengthen the bond and friendship between the knight and horse, All lovers of racing power domestically and internationally.

Today’s test and registration of Thursday’s races, which will see the launch of the 243.15 km race internationally, runs for three days and the 101.01 km women’s race.

 On Friday, the third day of the festival, the 243.15 km race will take place. The 101.01 km private horse race will also be held and the same day will see a 40-kilometer training course for the students of the Boudhieb Equestrian Academy.

On the final day of the festival, the final stage of the main race will see 243.15 km. The international qualification race will also start with a single star for 80.57 km. The open international race will run for 21,271 km. It will also see a 10-kilometer educational race for beginners.

 In order to make it easier for the public and lovers of sport to play , the festival will include a heritage village, a popular market and a poetry house to host visitors. The club will provide various services and activities for the public. The club will also provide transportation for visitors and their families from the Emirates Heritage Club to BDEV to attend the festival.

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