The President Cup for Endurance in Boudhieb Village

Under the Patronage of Sultan Bin Zayed

The President Cup for Endurance in Boudhieb Village Launch on Wednesday

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President and Chairman of EHC where the President Cup for Endurance will take place in Boudhieb International Endurance Village at AL Khatem Area. The event is being carried out by the Emirates Heritage Club in cooperating of The UAE Equestrian Federation, and the media sponsorship from Abu Dhabi Media Incorporated to include six races involving hundreds of riders (Male & Female) from different stables.

The ride  will be varied to include six races, the most important of which are the(2 stars)  120.7 km International Youth and Junior Rides, the 100.51 km Private Horse Ride, the 100.51km – Ladies  Ride and the 80.47km Qualifying Ride. In addition to 40.2 km, as well as an educational race for students of Boudhieb Equestrian Academy.

All races are conducted according to the Boudhieb Protocol, which focuses on honest competition, maintaining horse health and safety, and returning to racing.

The event looks like a celebration of His Highness the President of the UAE and his appreciation of His Highness’s efforts and support for the UAE equestrian and sport in the country in a year, and the club in particular. This race is an annual tradition celebrated in the season of Boudhieb Endurance Village, which is a youthful celebration of the sport of endurance awaited by the UAE ride.  All equestrian lovers, within the framework of the provisions of the Boudhieb Protocol and the rules of the International Equestrian Federation.

The first day of the race starts on Wednesday afternoon with horses participating in the qualifying race for 40.2 km, and in two stages, where the veterinary medical examination of the horses participating in this race before the start of the three hours, and will be conducted the same afternoon Vets.  Tests for the 100-km (100.51 km) women’s race, which takes place on four stages, starts at 7:00 am on Thursday and the qualifying race for 80.47 km. Which takes place in three stages, and starts  half an hour later.

On Friday, the third day of the race, the program begins at 6.30 am in the international race of “two-star” for Juniors & Young Riders  for a distance of 120.7 km, and in four stages, followed by the race of private ownership for a distance of 100.51 km. In four stages, The training of the students of BDEA  for 40 km. at 8:30 am. Where the qualifying rides in BDEV  are the main outlet for such races, which is hoped to make the UAE equestrian new blood each year, where the Academy is doing what serves this purpose

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